Professional | Strong-epil

Say goodbye to stubborn hair with STRONG – EPIL, the ideal solution for those with a stronger hair structure. Perfect for beginners and warmer summer months, our firm texture makes it easy to apply and adjust to your liking.

Unlike softer sugar pastes, STRONG – EPIL sticks less to fingers, making it the perfect choice for those hot and humid conditions. With a consistency firmer than SOFT and MIX Epil Sugar Pastes, our formula is designed to withstand high room temperatures and warm body temperatures.

Step by step instructions

Exfoliate your skin 2 days before sugaring treatment.

Clean your skin

Make sure your skin is clean, dry and not oily, sweaty or damp

Apply sugar paste

Hold your skin taut and then apply/stretch with a spatula a thin layer of sugaring paste over the treated area in the direction opposite of hair growth

Stretch with spatula

Go over the same area 2-3 times with the spatula. This helps the sugaring paste to adhere to the hair follicles

Apply Removal strip

Place the hair removal strip or cotton cloth over the sugaring paste and press it down onto the sugar paste wax

Remove strip

Starting from the top edge of the strip, remove quickly/tear the strip from the skin with fast and controlled strokes in the direction of the hair growth

Reuse it

Reuse the same piece of sugar paste until it is full of hair, or until it is too sticky and cannot be applied anymore

Check our tutorials

With our video tutorials you will enter the sugaring wolrd easy and confident!