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Painless hair removal
for all skin types

Say goodbye to harsh waxing and hello to gentle &

effective hair removal with CLEOPATRA Sugar Paste.

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Painless hair removal
for all skin types

Say goodbye to harsh waxing and hello to gentle &

effective hair removal with CLEOPATRA Sugar Paste.

Natural & Organic


Mild Skin Peel

Removes Dead Skin Cells

Antibacterial Properties

Lemon juice

Nouirshes With Vitamin C & E 

Cleanses, Firms and

Renews The Skin Cells

Calendula Flower

Protects & Nourishes

Moisturizes & Tones

All Skin Types

Aloe Vera Gel

Rejuvenates, Nourishes and

Moisturizes The Skin

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Reviews from verified buyers

I'am over with waxing!

"This product is very good! I have read about sugar paste and decided to try it and I am very satisfied. Waxing gave me always allergic reactions, but this is the first product that left my skin smooth and without any reactions 😊 I'm over with waxing! thank you for this amazing product!"


50% less hair grow back!

"The results are amazing. The amount of hair that grows back is about 50% less and for me it's less painful than waxing with hot wax."


Zero irritation

"Such a great product! I have extremely sensitive skin and had zero irritation. This stuff is amazing! My hair didn't grow back for three weeks."


Bikini line lifesaver

"I have been dealing with razor burn along my bikini line since I started shaving. I let a friend remove my bikini line with this product and was amazed! There was no irritation or itching. I will continue to use this product and I rate it 10/10."


Works great!

"The instructions were very helpful and I watched their YT and TikTok's to follow the movements and I can say that I'm getting every time better and better. Love my skin after the removal! Will be buying again!"


Easy and clean to use

"So far this paste is the best product I have ever used for waxing. Easy to use, effective and what is most important easy to clean afterwards which makes the whole process way easier.
No bumps, no burns, no itchiness, no redness, smooth skin right away!"


Why Cleopatra sugar paste?

  • Clean Ingredients
  • Suitable For Sensitive Skin
  • No Heating Required
  • Prevents Ingrown Hairs, Bumps And Razor Burns
  • Exfoliating, Nourishing and Moisturizing Properties
  • Anti-inflammatory And Antibacterial Properties
  • Long-Lasting Results

Is it better than waxing?

  • Cleaner procedure
  • Cold application method
  • Removes hair from the roots
  • Less painful and long-lasting hair removal
  • For all body parts
  • All skin types, especially sensitive ones


asked questions

Sugaring is a traditional Egyptian hair removal method which is safe and 100% organic. This method consists of using the paste made of sugar, water, and lemon juice, which is applied cold on the skin and pulls the hair from the root.
Sugaring is a gentle hair removal method made of only natural ingredients, it's used cold on the skin and it exfoliates the skin while removing the hair. Waxing takes off the protective layer of the skin, it's used hot on the skin and it contains toxic ingredients.
The application is opposite from regular waxing. Sugar paste is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth and it's removed in the natural direction of hair growth. Regular waxing is applied in the natural direction of hair growth and it's removed in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Say hello to flawless, long-lasting foundation that comes in 7 melt-into-your-skin shades.