Easy to
follow steps

Suitable for all body parts and skin types

Prepare your skin

  • Exfoliate your skin 2 days before sugaring treatment
  • Your skin must be dry and not oily, sweaty or damp
  • Hairs need to be at least 2mm or 0.1 inches long
  • Hairs longer than 1cm, or half an inch, should be trimmed first

Rinse off all traces of creams, lotions and sweat, or remove them by applying a body powder. If the Cleopatra Sugar Paste is applied to wet or oily areas, it cannot adhere to the skin or cover the hairs. 

Oriental Epliation Methods

Summer Method

During warm spring or summer temperatures, simply take the Cleopatra Sugar Paste from the pot. You do not need to manually soften it because it is immediately ready for use.

Winter Method

During cold winter or autumn months, extracting Cleopatra Sugar Paste from the pot is more difficult. Therefore, open the sugar paste pot and place it in a bowl of warm water for up to 3 minutes (be careful that no water enters the pot). The paste should not be hot!


Cleopatra Tutorials

How to sugar wax at home!

Hand or spatula technique? Choose whichever suits you best.

How to take the sugar paste from the pot?

It's sticky so it can get tricky! But don't worry, with a little bit of practice you will master it easy.

How to soften the sugar paste?

After taking a certain amount of Cleopatra Sugar Paste, you need to manually soften it, and then check whether it is sufficiently softened by its adhesiveness to hairs.

Sugaring with Spatula

With every Cleopatara sugar paste your are getting for free the spatula. In this video we are demonstrating how to use it.

Healing Sugar Wax - Intimate-epil

Due to its cold and rapid usage, it is often called “healing sugar wax”.

Step by step instructions

Clean your skin

Make sure your skin is clean, dry and not oily, sweaty or damp

Apply sugar paste

Hold your skin taut and then apply/stretch sugar paste over
the treated area by hand or spatula in the direction opposite of the hair growth

Go over 2-3 times

Go over the same area 2-3 times. This
allows the sugar paste to stick to the hair follicles

Remove quickly

Starting from the edge, remove quickly/tear the paste from
the skin with fast and controlled strokes in the direction of hair growth

Reuse the sugar paste

Reuse the same piece of sugar paste until it is full of
hair, or until it is too sticky and cannot be applied

Enjoy silky & smooth skin

Enjoy silky & smooth skin for over 3 weeks!

Sugaring after care

  • Don't apply any scented lotions or creams
  • Don't apply deodorant if you had underarms sugared
  • Avoid sweating
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms and direct exposure to the sun - tanning
  • Don't touch your skin with dirty hands
  • Don't put makeup