The World's No.1
Epilation product

We are offering a high quality,

clean and chemical-free hair removal product with a medicinal effect

that can be easily used at home. 

Our products are

  • Alcohol FREE

    HALAL Certificate

  • Not tested on animals

    Cruelty free certificate

  • 100% Natural & Organic ingredients

    Eco-cert Certificate for being a 100% natural product

Say goodbye to skin burns

Thanks to the cold application on the skin and the ideal mixture of sugar and herbal ingredients,
Cleopatra Sugar Paste excludes the possibilities of skin burns, skin damage and irritations.


Mild Skin Peel

Removes Dead Skin Cells Antibacterial Properties

Lemon juice

Nouirshes With Vitamin C & E 


Firms And Renews The Skin Cells

Calendula flower

Protects & Nourishes

Moisturizes & Tones

All Skin Types

Aloe vera gel

Rejuvenates – Nourishes

Moisturizes The Skin

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Wide spread on the European Market

Cleopatra Sugar Paste has been in the European market since 2011 and has helped our customers to have a painless hair removal treatment resulting in smooth, moisturized, and nourished skin.